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"I like that the're very clean, durable and I don't have to worry about them delaminating. Honestly, I think they just look great."

Jim Douglas, owner of Chilli Peppers Coastal Grill

They're easy to clean and they present well. We love them.

Gus Zinovis, owner of Mulligan's Raw Bar & Grill

I used to laminate my paper menus each Spring and hoped that most of them made it through the busy OBX tourist summer season (they didn’t) in my outdoor, waterfront restaurant. I don’t have this worry anymore. Over the past two years I’ve ordered my menus from WaterProofMenu.com and they work GREAT! They are IMPERVIOUS to moisture and never delaminate because the “paper” itself is absolutely waterproof. The pages are flexible, lightweight yet sturdy, and the printing never fades or smears. I LOVE this product and will never go back to using anything else for menus!


We needed to ensure that the rollout of a new service would be smooth and, it was, thanks to the great assistance and quick turnaround we received from waterproofmenu.com. I was pleasantly surprised that we could get what we needed so quickly. It was one less issue I had to worry about.

Roberta Thuman, Town of Nags Head

Just wanted to let you know that the menu's came in and yesterday was our first service with them on the floor. The reception from our regulars has been absolutely amazing and the quality of the print is exactly what we wanted.

Dan Catinella

I have found WaterproofMenu.com to be an excellent solution for busy restaurants where drinks often spill and ruin traditional paper menus. The waterproof menus are durable and the printed quality is excellent. I’ll be recommending this as a solution to restaurant owners I serve.

M. Pearson, Owner TwinWaterDesign.com

Flights restaurant is a growing restaurant franchise and we get all our menus from waterproofmenus.com Great service, easy upload and quick turnaround.

Alex Hult, Flights Restaurants

The team at Waterproofmenu.com was absolutely incredible to work with. From the start they were super helpful, knowledgeable and responsive. Adam made sure to quote my project quickly and correct and delivered on a rush. In the last second, after the first batch had been printed, my client completely changed their direction to something I didn't even know was possible. We had about one week to come up with a new print style and Adam figured it out and not only delivered an amazing product but kept me completely in the loop the whole time. His staff called me along to the way each day to make sure I was updated, knew where my package was, and followed back up to make sure I had received it. They are not only creative but extremely professional and deliver on time even on crunch projects.

Emily Baird emilybaird.com

The waterproof menu is the best invention since sliced bread. I have been using this product for a few seasons now and I will continue to for years to come. I actually tested the menus when I received my first order. I threw them right in the pool and it worked perfectly, no smudge, very durable and the pool water did nothing to penetrate my pool menus. The menus get used hard here at the country club and like I said it’s a great product and the price is fair.

John Geller / Laurel Creek Country Club